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Muegge - Gerling
Industrial microwave
and plasma systems


Gerling Applied Engineering, Inc. (GAE) was founded in 1997 to serve the industrial microwave heating community by offering a comprehensive array of capabilities to support its customers, including in-house fabrication, laboratory testing, process control engineering, and custom product development. A staff of engineering professionals collectively offer over 125 years of expertise in microwave engineering, computer-aided design, precision machining and fabrication, PLC controls and software development. Customers from a wide array of markets and industries include leading semiconductor tool OEMs, major universities, research institutes, national laboratories and multi-national corporations. GAE's reputation throughout the world for its products and expertise is unsurpassed.

In July 2015, GAE was acquired by Muegge GmbH, a leading manufacturer and international supplier in the field of industrial microwave and plasma technologies.